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11-19-2011, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by OlBuzzard
At some point in time some common sense needs to take over. I agree this is nuts !

(Note to Cryptic: Look folks we're not trying to keep "stuff" stired up. Seriously we're not. But good grief please reevaluate some of this. We're not looking for a cake walk. BUT if you think driving everyone to the "C" store foe EVERYTHING we need just short of a "pay toilet" (and some Game Companies that are based in China or Japan do exactly that ... ) you are sadly mistaken if you think that all of us are going to "buy into that" (No pun intended).

Free to Play ??? I find that such a contradiction.

Charge for some items if you must ... but where this is headed is simply not cool ... IMHO.

Look .... I get it. The game is going free to play. That is not going to change. But pay to win ? Somehow I just don't see that as the right thing to do.
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