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11-19-2011, 03:08 PM
one of the problems with this map , is , it is entirely to small, with to many things happening, at the same time. You have medium interfering with easy, none of the turrets have way point marks on the mini map, or the big map, [you do know you have a map right?]
None of the defari civilians being assimulated stand out enough for you to find them.

Both meduim missions interfere with each other, you even have" wandering monsters " from the hard part blasting random players that get to close.

In part , the Borg , are not acting like Borg. They are however, acting like " wandering monsters" from a D&D dungeon.


turrets, more of them would not hurt any, everyone that has turret mission , as long as you are in on the kill,it should not matter who does the fix, you get credit for it.

The two medium missions are to close to each other on the map , and interfere with each other to much, they may as well be One mission.

Even on a team , the hard mission degenerates to a kill everything in sight fest to get through.

The all to numerous bugs on the hard part are beat on enough.