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11-19-2011, 05:10 PM
It never fails after all the corrections you make to a mission you still find a few more now and then. Of course all the missions I've been evaluating lately have also caused me to go back and take a fresh look at my missions as well.

Mission Title: Betrayal of the Empire (Part 1)
Project ID: ST-HKCA3C2PH
Allegiance: Klingon

Description: You hear from your old friend Worf. He needs to speak with you immediately. There may be a link to a high ranking councilman in the High Council and Romulans. Worf needs your help in uncovering the truth of a possible threat to the Empire itself. Will you help your old friend? Will you defend the Empire from an enemy within?

Mission Title: Betrayal of the Empire (Part 2)
Project ID: ST-HFBGX74XV
Allegiance: Klingon

Description: In part one you heard from your old friend Worf who asked you to help uncover a possible threat to the Empire that may involve a high ranking member of the High Council. Now that mission continues. Will you help uncover the threat to the Empire?


Take a look and let me know what you think.