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11-19-2011, 06:15 PM
I have now tried all the pets beside the Kar' Fi pets on the test server.

Currently if I needed to rate the pets it would go:
1. Tachyon Drone(so going to be nerfed after people see it in pvp.)
2. To'Duj (Still good and a perfect mix of dps and respawn time.)
3. Orion Slaver (Very cool but the To'Duj's torps just win out over mines for me.)
4. BOP (Serious drop in DSP and still a 45 sec respawn they are so not worth it. Also they lost the duel cannons and the AI for them atm is just bad.)
5. Orion Interceptors (FAST! wow but they are really just good for helping you tank.)

Marauder Force - This is not a pet but just a boarding party power that hits several targets.

Please remember this is just my opinion and the information is off me leveling up a carrier pilot on the test server.