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11-20-2011, 01:21 AM
As a primary MVAM pilot myself, this would be nice, but I would consider this very low priority.

I rotate through the different configurations that I fly when I engage MVAM mode, and there usually isn't a problem with me having to wait for cooldowns when I first enter an instance. I do try to use MVAM when appropriate though - which isn't necessarily all the time, the simpler battles I just stay integrated.

From a coding perspective, non combat pets, and MVAM in sector space are completely different, and would require new tech to allow the use of MVAM/Saucer Separation/related abilities in it. (Well, that's a guess, but an educated one, and I'm 99% certain I'm right on that.)

Similarly, saving the state between map transitions would, while not impossible, be more work than you might think, since other factors such as the shields/heatlh, torpedo cooldowns, destroyed state etc. of your other parts need to be considered (and my loading screens take long enough as it is!)

Also, the timer on it gives the use of MVAM some strategy, if it persisted between map transitions, using it would be a no brainer, with people only reintegrating when parts get destroyed, just to get a new one, or maybe pilot a different section. With the 2 parts you aren't currently using starting cooldowns when you first initiate MVAM, I find that if I really want to split up after dying, or a map transition, I can just fly a different section.