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11-20-2011, 03:23 AM
If I wanted my ship name in all caps I'd type it that way, but I didn't.

The signs in ESD don't bother me, but they do look a bit...incongruous. On the plus side they are easily seen and read.

Logging out in the Klingon Academy always puts you in the roof when you login. (Note, not ON the roof, IN the roof.)

Federation chat text isn't auto-scrolling, Klingon chat is working normally. I have no guesses as to why this may be.

The Exchange needs an overhaul, remove the 400 limit, or list by order of price per individual item, rather than price per stack. Boffs and Doffs (and anything else) need to be searchable by any variable, rather than only name or title. Not a new problem, but worth mentioning repeatedly.

Crafting: The Dilithium cost makes the sample and trace cost irrelevant. For a Mk XI purple weapon the total samples and traces will cost >~400k EC. If that's more than 10% of the total EC cost of the finished priduct I would be very surprised.

Doffs are fabulous.

Those are my bullet points.