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11-20-2011, 05:32 AM
Version 1.1 of 'In the Center of the Mind' has been published.

Version Notes:
*Numerous spelling and grammatical fixes.

*Additional respawn point added so that players won't have to run the length of the monastery map if they are incapacitated.

*Added an extra squad of low rank friendly NPC's to make the second monastery encounter a little easier. Hopefully this should still be a challenging and fun fight.

*Altered dialogue to be slightly less insulting to all Vulcan science officers. Starfleet formally apologizes to the Vulcan Science Academy and all Vulcan Captains. Starfleet Foundry Operative 'Ogremerc' has been fined and sentenced to grounds maintenance duty at Starfleet Academy for a week.

*Some Dialogue fixes to cut down on the use of the stock 'Continue' prompt.