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11-20-2011, 02:32 PM
While I agree that persistent MVAM state between changing instances and the like is extremely low priority to the point of being unnecessary for me...

I however do feel extremely strongly that the MVAM abilities themselves need to have their cool-downs radically lowered, to a fraction of their current time. As it stands, separation during battle that would necessitate or benefit from it is neigh suicidal because of course you basically park while blooping around for the agonizing time it takes to actually separate.

Separation basically needs forethought, as of course separating after the battle that would make use of it is sort of like closing the barn after the horse has already run out...

As such, relegating the MVAM to near irrelevance as a result of hardly being able to make use of it due to the preposterously long cool down(s) effectively removes the entire point of separating since you quite often can't do it...