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11-20-2011, 03:02 PM
I am also a MVAM user, and the stand still to me is also very minor and if your tactical about it,even useful really.

Often I come in assembled together, fire off Cannon Rapid fire and Tachyon beam, once I about to need to turn my attack run to one side or the other I then hit the mode I want. I come to complete stop giving me more time on that shield and then once I start moving the pet keep hitting it while I spin around. BOOM KOed with only one shield side hit.
Also on NPC that use evasive maneuvers, trigger it right then, your pets usually branch off in two different directions thus again even with the speed bonus the NPC takes your still hitting the side you wanted.

So in my personal opinion, would the requested but nice.. sure I will NOT complain about it, But I do have to agree very low on my priority list.