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11-20-2011, 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by grandmasteroz View Post
I think we should all petition cryptic to give nagus a job. wise indeed sir. i really like that idea and am surprised it wasnt thought of sooner, much less thought of at cryptic. anyway you can give us emblesm for these dailies too lol
Honestly, they kind of did do this with star clusters. Like I said, I'm not breaking any new ground here, this is really just aimed at making the Foundry daily fun and quick without the "need" to do the exploit missions. And btw, you can get emblems for these; just accept the Foundry daily mission before you do them

Originally Posted by Staran View Post
Fed missions?
Unfortunately yes. I dont think I would have the time to do this every day for both factions, although it would be very nice to see someone take up the task of doing a KDF version of this