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11-20-2011, 09:18 PM
In a few weeks when the skill revamp on the tribble test server goes live, skilling for the right ship won't be as much of an issue. Anyway, it comes down to your style more than anything.

A tactical officer in a cruiser is a pretty powerful combination. Straight forward, good sustained damage output and decently strong survivability. For casual PVE it's probably the most all-around build, it can fly into pretty much any situation except the Crystalline Entity fleet action, do the same thing it always does, and succeed.

Personally, I fly an advance escort as a tactical captain. It's a damage dealing powerhouse built to dump a lot of damage very quickly so you don't have to survive a fight (though without MVAM not really as much as the Defiant retrofit), and the science station setup leaves you a lot of useful options (personally I run sci team 1, PH1, and HE2 in PVE, which covers pretty much the full gambit of annoying crap). I prefer it even over the C-store version with the LTC science station, though I do use the C-store's MVAM console on it.

Being casual PVE only is a definite vote for the assault cruiser, but the escort is IMO a much more exciting ship to fly. It's got the speed, the firepower, and the cruiser basically just has its bulk.