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# 3 Dog fighting thoughts
11-20-2011, 11:57 PM
Hey Pathfinder,

After giving your question some consideration I'd suggest the following, It is a little unorthodox, but if turn fighting is your aim then give this a whirl

2 single cannons (ACC x3 if you can get them)
1 DBB (ACC x3)
1 DHC (ACC x3)
3 turrets (ACC x3)

Now, before the masters of the Alpha Strike spew their drink with the claims of noob etc., consider that what 'we' are looking for is consistent hits on target over time. If you end up turn fighting another escort we want to maximize the ability to keep the targets shields down and be able to spike them before the next Epts takes affect. The 180 degree cannon arc (plus the turrets) allow you to put down a consistent barrage of bolts while attempting to gain a position of advantage. Granted, individual skill is the biggest factor in what arcs (and canon types) you choose to utilize.

CMDR: TT1, BO2, ApO1, CRF3
EN: Target Engines 1

LT: Epts 1&2

Aegis Deflector
Aegis Engines
Borg Regenerative Shields

Subspace Field Modulator
Deuterium Surplus (or red matter capacitor)

EPS Flow regulator
35% shield capacity console

Impulse Capacitance cell (From the Gladius) / or a halon console (for what little it is worth)
Assimilated Console

4 energy type +26 boosters

Yes there is a little P2W sprinkled in there. Run with power at 100/25/50/25. We are going with partial Aegis for the 10% defense bonus and partial borg for the extra heal. I tend to prefer the two Omegas because of the rampant tractor beam spam. Target engines to reduce bonus defense (also turn rate) and BO 2 for spike damage. The impulse console as of now stacks with deuterium, for those times your duel gets interrupted by some unscrupulous interloper. Just pop Omega, Deuterium and impulse boost and in 5 seconds you'll be 50 or 60 km away, wondering where you ended up.

Anyway I'm sure you'll tweak it to your liking, but this has been effective for me versus, MVAM beta sections and other Defiants focused on Boom and zoom tactics. As written it isn't the heaviest hitter, but at 3 - 5 km it does good sustained DPS the extra arcs in the cannons do keep the pressure on when buffed.

Of note, I'm assuming you are using the elusive trait. The above should give you 90% base bonus defense and about 105% when you use evasive manuvers or the subspace field modulator. The accurate trait with it's 10% bonus accuracy will help your crits further and ensure more hits on target.