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11-21-2011, 12:04 AM
I too lost a character slot, which is disturbing in that I supported Cryptic by buying many slots to make 1 character for each race, both Fed and Klink Faction, Crazy I know but I am a fan of Star Trek. A week ago, when I deleted several of my toons to remake them due to having bad traits (They need a trait Respec badly) - one of my slots went missing.

I am growing very tired of how slow Cryptic is addressing these issues, these are some serious gameplay issues.

Several days ago, on Klink side, one of my Klink toons just reached Commander rank, I then went to buy the commander level raptor, exited into space, and guess what? I got disconnected:

Now everytime I try logging into her I keep getting disconnected - I am afraid of deleting her because now I may lose another slot, TALK ABOUT A CATCH 22.

So whats it going to be?

They need to address this, why is there no words from Cryptic?

Why aren't any of the Devs posting something about this on these threads?

Why aren't they resolving, patching, or doing something about their current game population woes?