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11-21-2011, 03:36 AM
If you want to play 1on1 matches, there is no better build than a beam escort. You'll simply out-dps your opponent. This is not a build for teams or premades, taking down anything but escorts or bops will be tough unless you use a science captain.

Basic Build (MV Advanced Escort):
1 DBB, 2 BA or 3 BA
1 Quantum

3 BA

Borg engine, deflector
Normal Mk XI [Cap]x3 shield or Covariant Mk XI [Cap]x2 and resistance against whatever damage type your opponent uses, i.e. [Pha], [AP], [Tet] etc.
1 Field Generator, 1 EPS
1 MV-Console, 1 Borg Console, Induction Stabilizers
4 +26 weapon type consoles

TT1, TS2, BT:E3
EPtS1, EPtS2

I've won the last 12 matches in the German 1on1 league with 120:3 kills using this or similar builds with a tac captain.

You can try using a Defiant with a full alpha strike loadout, but it's so damn easy to defend against it when it uncloaks. Simply activate Tac Team and get out of the firing arc.