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11-21-2011, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by Korhil
Gonna have to stop you right there. Dual Heavy Cannons suck. Anyone with any brains can tell that. The only time they don't is if you are a tactical captain and running 4 of them trying to ensure an instant kill. They suck even more on the siege destroyer because it has pretty poor turn rate in siege mode.

Same DPS as dual cannons but with more power drain is stupid. Doing all their damage in 2 bursts instead of 4 is also stupid. As the added crit severity is only really good for people capable of critting a lot (tactical captains with AP:A) and i'm a science captain that makes them pretty rubbish for me.

I really dont understand people who use dual cannons outside of the Defiant R with its crazy OP turn rate. Dual Beams have twice the firing arc and almost as much dps. Not to mention the better bridge officer skills.

A good escort pilot knows that despite their best efforts the enemy are going to be out of their front arc quite often. Usually because you pass them during your attack run (especially in STFs where things have loads of HP). Thus it makes sense to maximise your damage when they are. 3 turrets is pathetic damage even with rapid fire. 3 beam arrays or 2 and a torp are much more damage and much better utility wise just require a bit more management. We all know torpedo launchers on autofire is fail. Infact anything other than cannons on autofire it unwise. You risk a badly times High Yield hitting shields or Beam Overload when your power is low.
LoL DHC's are the most efficient and powerful Energy Weapons in the game.

They have higher power drain yes, but there is also cooldown to consider. So in fact they ARE the best.

On top of that you even get a free +10 to Critical Severity. Ofcourse we can assume mounting DHC's on a Galaxy is just stupid with its turnrate, but you are making no sense. Listen to what Hale tells you.

3 Turrets might be pathetic damage, but they can add to your forward weaponpower and what Escorts are best at is pwning right through a shield facing. 3 Beams on the back wont help you with that. And putting a torpedo on the back of your escort is pretty silly if you ask me.