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11-21-2011, 09:13 AM
I have a couple of quick questions..

I have decided to go with 3x Phaser Dual Beam Arrays & 1 Quantum up top with 1 Quantum at the back..but I cant decide on whether I should go with 3x Phaser Arrays or 3x Phaser Turrets on the rear....I currently have the Phaser Arrays.

I tend to obviously turn my ship to the front to fire with my Dual Beams which I dont seem to have a problem with apart from the odd frigate which I am sometimes having to broadside..or turn onto my rear to fire a torpedo.

Obviously 90% of the time I can turn my ship fairly easy onto my front therefore I would expect to only need turrets as they have a 360 ark but for that 10% would it be worth having the phaser arrays for added damage.

If anyone has any feedback it would be gratefully received.