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11-21-2011, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by Dirlettia
And this encourages me to go back and enjoy LoTRO which I have neglected for so long. Pretty sure that all this monetization does is encourage people to become LESS engrossed in a game and hence LESS LIKELY to spend money on it.

It is a fine balance and will likely be one which is fine tuned with judicious uses of featured sales every now and then.
I'm even attempting to play EVE...

Just cause it gives me something NEW to Do that doesn't constantly require me to go to Their Store at the lower levels.

And believe me, I'm having a terrible time just trying to get the basics of that game.

The only reason I'm still trying, is because some really nice Anonymous Person gave my Toon a Million IKS donation and I would feel disappointed in myself if I quit without giving it my best shot.