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# 4 Space Station Regula One
11-21-2011, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
battle group omega needs a starbase there to be a launch pad for their operations. d'vak and his posse should go there.

then they can add instances to it where the borg are trying to assimilate it.
I agree and I also posted a suggest something along those lines on another thread.

We beam over to Space Station Regula One. Remember the space station that was used in Star Trek II: WOK? Well the planetoid that Battle Group Omega is hiding near could be the remains of Regula I ( Click ), after all they used Protomatter to make the genesis garden in that cave it could have become unstable and caused it to go boom. The Mutara Nebula is nearby so why not?
Also the station could have been abandoned and the Omega Force has got "most" of its systems back up and running. It can be tilted and banged up and not only have the D'Vak store there they could also put a second area to craft. The DS9 location would supplement this location.