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11-21-2011, 12:59 PM

"Wand? What wand? That wand?"

*Points to the wand that is floating behind Capulet in an en guard stance in mid-air.*

"Got plenty of fencing foils if you need a spare. At least its not a tank this time...that was a bother to clean up after."

*A swarm of Breen come rushing out, each carrying a blade on a velvet pillow, and line up for Capulet to choose.*

OOC: Lol, what do I have to do? Get a Ferengui going around giving noogies (I've actually seen that happen in an older version of this very RP) to get some action going? Or would a full on Flood invasion be more your style? As I said, beyond forum rules, there is no rules here...and that includes the ones known as 'laws of physics'. Death, destruction, continuity....means nothing here. This is the 'god mod and have fun' RP.