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11-21-2011, 12:21 PM
Wow, a LOT of bad info in this thread...

I'm a PVE'er, been so since open beta day 1 and primarily escort. I've been perfecting my Escort setups for the STF missions on Tribble so I know what I need to do for Holodeck, I've done hundreds of the new STF space runs so far.

This is the setup you want for maximum PVE damage and survivability with an escort:

3x DHC, 1x Quantum up front
3x turrets rear

Aegis kit or Borg engines/deflector + Aegis shields

For the fleet escort OR Siege destroyer (both of which I've been testing and you might run into me using them in-game, especially the Siege destroyer which is awesome for PVE BTW):

Eng consoles: Mk XI rare Neutronium alloy, Mk XI rare EPS, Mk XI rare Shield capacity console
Sci consoles: Borg console, Biofunction OR another console of your choice (put the custom ship consoles here, like the new tier 2 escort console)
Tac consoles: 3x Mk XI rare consoles of said weapon type, 1x quantum console

Cmdr tac: Tac team I, Canon Scatter Volley I, Torp spread III (or torp spread II, scat volley II), Attack Pattern Omega III
Lt. Cmdr tac: Tac team 1, Torp Spread II, Canon scatter volley II
Sci: Transfer shield strength I, Hazard emitters II
Lt. Eng: Emergency Power to shields I, Reverse shield polarity I
Ensign eng: Emergency power to weapons I

Device slots: Use the re-usable Devidian defensive item in one slot, and a turret in the other (or maybe shield devices if you are worried about defense).

Power levels: Put your weapon power to 90, shield power as high as possible, and engine/aux to as low as possible. Your weapon power will NEVER run low with all cannons firing, I have no idea where these concerns about power levels are coming from I've never had any issues.

Tactics for using this layout...

Point yourself straight at your target, NEVER turn unless you are running from an explosion, get as close as possible too!

With your offensive skils, spam everything with DPS! Don't hold back here, you are an escort it is YOUR JOB to kill everything in sight as fast as possible! In the STF's, use the spread to hit multiple things at once, like two of the power transmitter things on Infected, or multiple of the probes on Cure. You can really help things go faster using the spread abilities. Note: Tactical team ALSO gives you an offensive bonus, don't be afraid to use it as such.

For defense, Use the tactical teams to route your shields as much as possible, basically makes you invisible. Use reverse shield polarity as an emergency shield heal and if you combine it with tactical team, it will fill ALL your shields instantly if you are under attack. ALSO make sure to allocate "distribute shield power" to one of your hotkeys and pound it constantly when under attack. It will help keep your shields up!

If you agro lots of stuff, your tac teams and defensive skills will keep you alive. If there are more than one of you around (which should be the case in an STF) you won't have to do it alone, expect a hull heal or two from friends and if not be prepared to tank everything yourself... and YES you CAN tank everything in the STF's yourself with an escort, I'm proof of that :p

I also want to mention that last night on Khitomer accord space, I was able to SOLO most of one side of the map with my Siege Destroyer. Yes, 4 other players flew to the other side and left me alone... I took out both of the transmitters protecting a gate by the time the other 4 took down just one gate (I did need help getting to the probes headed to the time rift gate, but I tanked the spheres and gate plus killed the gates myself).

Another note, I've been on teams with 3+ people using similar setups with all dual cannons and escorts... The STF's go VERY quickly and nobody ever dies.