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11-21-2011, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by wolfsquad_ace View Post
if you like grinds then feel free to continue playing EVE, with EVE the grind is time, unless you play as a career, than don't expect any progress in the game. its a fun concept, but they made it way too unfriendly for players.

also if you actually do your homework on the game, the team developing it actually openly insult their customers and I'm not saying they did something to the game that they didn't like. no they went on their own website and called them names and childishly attacked their customers for loss in revenue. they said "we were all a bunch of winy babies" and that in itself just made me quit before even playing pasty the tutorial.
It is quite complicated...
And I am well aware of the apparent disdain They have for Their player-base, having read several articles around the Internetz about it.

I find it just interesting enough to hold my attention for now...

...though I'm probably not going to last beyond the 14 day free-trial period, as I don't really have the money to spend on another game.

I want to try TOR also, but I'll have to wait for the box price to drop considerably first.

Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
When F2Pers start playing, they will think this is the norm, while some old STO players that are returning might notice some differences enough to play once in a while.

But us Veterans, we are just burnt out having to find stuff to do. Unfortunately, I think Tribble has spoiled us in testing it for a month that we want more new content while others would be happy with what we got at least for 3 months.

Be nice if those that tested almost every day on Tribble get a little thank you, while those who just tested for the rewards get what they wanted.
I'm not burnt out yet (least I don't think so), I still enjoy playing this game, it's just that the Holodeck is not as interesting as Tribble at the moment...

But, as I said, Tribble is becoming so populated with BUGS that it's increasingly difficult to get very far with ones progress without having to resort to dropping out of and rebooting the game.