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11-21-2011, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by ShinobiDragoon View Post
I would definitely be interested in this, but I can also see a potential problem. People would likely complain about breaking immersion if a phaser weapon shot antiproton rounds and would therefore request the projectile be modified as well, which would cause issues with people trying to equip resistance gear to counter on the fly in PvP.

Well if I would be not ok with AP visuals on a phaser rifle (well... I would use AP on Phasers since they still look prety similar.. but I'd more have that Issue with Disruptors^^) ... I wouldnt use AP.
Sure poeple would WANT that... but I thing even those would rather go with may be not fitting visuals then... no way to costumize weapons at all. Like now...
Or may be the function- if ever addet... to costumize the projectiles/beams themselfes... could be deactivatet in pvp...