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11-21-2011, 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by Dirlettia
And this encourages me to go back and enjoy LoTRO which I have neglected for so long. Pretty sure that all this monetization does is encourage people to become LESS engrossed in a game and hence LESS LIKELY to spend money on it.

It is a fine balance and will likely be one which is fine tuned with judicious uses of featured sales every now and then.
You are so wrong. Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about, not done your homework. Its not hard homework either, just look at the other F2P games out there.

Where do people get these idea from it cracks me up. "LESS engrossed", have you seen what an F2P player will get, they get enough to call it a "game" and they get enough to see what they could get more of if they pay up a little.

Like you are now.

Only difference is people get a chance to try it first and that works well always works well you will see.

As for bugs, come on your talking about a test shard weeks away from goign to the main shard.

Nothing but praise from me. Been here since beta day 1 and the current approach plus F2P model is perfect. Going to love Jan 2012. I can confirm that I will play swtor but sto is pulling me back so I will be splitting my time and money.