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11-21-2011, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by DaveyNY View Post
Apparently Tribble is so BUG Free, that They pulled it off line for emergency maintenance...,

... cause it was Too Perfect.
Hell, my Klingon tactical has tried and failed several times to get past the devidian bar fight bug. I am constantly having issues with graphics not showing up, items not displaying proper stats or information. Hell even the bug reporting system was bugged!

Yeah I am giving up. Mid December my subscription I am letting expire. I tried tribble for two months and just hated everything just about. I kept hanging in there till they added the dilithium tax to crafting, now I am just done.

I am piddling with my fed sci on holodeck till my sub runs out. I loved and will miss the old game. My heart is broken. Hopefully the freepers will love the new one.