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11-21-2011, 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by Ricano

I am Tactical. I'm right now LCM9. First and foremost I don't plan on spending any C-store points.
I am not a pvp player. I am a casual player.
So my end goal for now is between 2 ships: Advance Escort & Assault Cruiser.

Advance escort has:
hull: 30,000
shields: 4,478
Bridge Officers: 2 science, 2 tactical, 1 engineer
Weapons: 4 Front 3 Back
Bonus: weapons +15

Assault Cruiser has:
Hull: 39,000
Shields: 4,975
Bridge officers: 1 science, 2 tactical, 2 engineers
Weapons 4 Front 4 Back
Bonus: power levels +5

Which should I go for? Of course I would put skill points into the right ship/weapons.
The are both excellent ships. If you are doing pure PvE, I would probably go for the advanced escort. With it you can have Polarized Hull 1, Science Team 1, and Hazard Emmiters 2. That will get rid of and buffs that PvE will through at you. It is fast, manuverable, and has a lot of firepower. The Assault Cruiser will do more damage over time, but they enemy can't hurt you if they are dead :p