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11-21-2011, 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by hotlava646 View Post
Please read the faq...

When will downtime for Tribble be happening?
Downtime for Tribble will happen on-the-fly, unlike Holodeck. This means that if we have a new patch or maintenance that needs to happen, we won’t be waiting until 3am PST as usual. Instead, the maintenance will occur almost immediately, after a notification has been made to anyone playing.
Please read the thread...

The complaint isn't that the server went down. The complaint is that the only notice was provided in-game. Those of us who tried to log in didn't know the server was down, and there wasn't any mention of it in the dev section of the forum..for over two hours.

If you can be bothered to say in-game the shard will be going down, you can be bothered to say it in the forums, too.