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11-21-2011, 10:03 PM
Originally Posted by HamRadio18
Well, if you want sustained DPS, then DBB are the way to go. With the Defiants turn rate you can always keep your opponent in the 90' degree firing arc. Versus cruisers, and science ships I'd agree, however given a competent escort pilot I'd say this can vary quite a bit.

However, with a little bit of practice, DHC, will out DPS DBB's any day. Totally agreed

Put an RCS accelerator in your engineer slot. The RCS console is based off of percentage. Putting an RCS console on my Defiant raises my turn rate 5 degrees, which makes it about 38 degrees. I keep one in my inventory just in case I have a pesky escort that is just running rings around me.

Slow to half, or a little above, and you can always keep any ship in your 45' firing arc. The only time you might have a little difficulty is a BOP, other then that, you will destroy your opponents.

If you are going to use beams, get BO 3. And don't put beams on your aft. You don't want to hit BO 3, and have activate on one of your aft beams. Use turrets. I learned that the hard way. While I think overload 3 is definitely worth the slot, with all the tractor beams and sci spam, IMHO the extra omega is just too good to pass up. With tactical initiative your getting around 66% uptime with 2x copies.

If you have to go with Beams, make sure you use BO 3, and even 2 copies if you can get it. I think that it would be better to continually rotate omega, CRF vs the energy requirements of 2 overload 3s. with CRF 3 your getting more buff for all your canons and turrets stacked with omega. Not saying your beam escort can't be effective with that setup, but if you have the turrets why not get as much as you can out of them.

You have to remember, the defiant wasn't made for sustained DPS. It was made to kill opponents before they kill you. Well all escorts fit this concept. Cloak just makes it one of the better predators federation side

There are ways to make the defiant do sustained DPS, but you aren't going to be using it to it's full advantage. With the build I have posted, Use CRF 3, and APO 1. That will help with sustained DPS. Other then that I don't think I would change it much. Hope this help.
Some thoughts on your advice in green. I think that my build would produce better results dueling and your posted build would be the better Alpha striker. The biggest determining factor is going to be Pathfinder's playstyle and preferences. Good info though.