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11-22-2011, 01:34 AM
Welcome to STO!

The forums are friendly as long as you stay out of Star Trek Online Discussion... there is just a bunch of old players like me that cry about everything STO...

Now on to your question:

In short, yes a tact hybrid could work well if you spec your player right. I know, that is so general.. but here is so much involved.

For example: if you are an engineer and you choose an escort, there are plenty of skill sets you can choose to boost your tact power, but as an engineer you will receive abilities a Tact play would not get. My favorite is "Miracle Worker." If you're about to die, especially in PvP, you can use this ability and fly off to safety, which helps a lot! If you are a Tact Officer, you will get "Go Down Fighting" instead, this will increase your dps but weaken your ship.

All in all, the key is teaming up with players with good abilities that compliment yours. If you are a Tact with weak defenses, having a good Sci ship for healing will do you a lot of good!

Happy hunting!