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11-22-2011, 07:38 AM
IMHO it's not so much that the new stuff is all bad.. More like in their efforts to group togeather or simplify some of it was either over looked or perhaps OVERLY done. Some of the current skills leave out defensive strategies or means of healing quicker.

The better areas seem to group weapons and similar tactics togeather. Some who have adanced toons transfered are able to secure a wider variety of consoles that supposedly make up for some of these gaps. My personal peferance would be to have access to what ever is available for testing (especially since our toons will not be transfered to HD when we are done.)

I think something that would be both FUN and good for business would be to have a certain level of all products (ie: green or uncommon) available, select our toon .. spec as needed and test at the level of Captain or Admiral (lower ).

At that point it takes a lot of the guess work out of wheather it is a question of gear .. OR other matters that need to be looked at.

(Note: this is not intended to be taken as a rant ... BUT simply as a good suggstion to take as much guess work out of testing as possible).

This same concept could be used as a test bed for 40 v 40 PvP groups.

(just a suggestion)