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11-22-2011, 09:04 AM
I am not really built for 1v1 since that not my play style (I like to stalk then attack). With that said dog fighting can be fun though.

You could go with a borg def,eng,console (this will give you the heals). Then pick a shield of you choice, I would suggest picking one with a res of each type this way on round 2 switch shields for that energy type you opponet uses.

EPtS 1&2 (aux to damp might help if the target has psw)
haz 1 tss2 (or tractor beam 1 to hold them)

with all the cc being used having 2 copies of omega 1 might be useful.

Alot has to do with playstyle. I am more about killing a target before it kills me. I focus more on offesive traits, but this could leave me vulnerable during protracted engagements.