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11-22-2011, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by Joseph.B
Some thoughts on your advice in green. I think that my build would produce better results dueling and your posted build would be the better Alpha striker. The biggest determining factor is going to be Pathfinder's playstyle and preferences. Good info though.
Those are some good thoughts. I honestly also keep the RCS accelorator in my inventory. I prefer an EPS flow regulator, and Neutronium Alloy.

Those are good sugestions about BO 3, beams and all.

I have never though of using 2 copies of APO 1. I guess is you go all DHC's, that would be a good option then go with CRF 3.

In my experiance, you are going to want EPtS 1 & 2, Polarized Hull 1, and Hazard Emmiters 2.
Hazard Emmiters 2 is your hull heal, and gies you hull resistance. If you use the full borg set, EPtS will keep your shields up pretty much all the time. The reason for Polarized Hull instead of TSS is because tractor beams can kill you because they will keep you from moing, and it gives an excellent hull resistance. However, if you have 2 copies of APO, you may not need PH.