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11-22-2011, 01:27 PM
i am quite new to the game (first post here on the forums, read a lot tho) but i do love to make some suggestions.
I did not read all the previous pages, so maybe some have been already suggested. but anyway:

-If you are preparing to sell something common in the exchange, for example a green -phaser turret mk IV [dmg]-, that you would be able to see all the exact same items on the exchange for sale already, so that you can easily adjust your price.
-exchange BO officers searchable on SKILL (e.g. rapid fire III)
-more (optional!!!!!) minigames like the thingy if you scan an anomaly (i am lazy and press F immidately, but some peeps might do it because of the higher (but not OP) rewards)

-able to view and/or use the exchange in a browser/smartphone. (make it gold/c-store only = $$$)
-able to view and/or use the duty roster in a browser/smartphone. (make it gold/c-store only = $$$)
-large (space) battle with, lets say 50 feds vs 50 klingon, composed of npc's wich get replaced by players if they join.

-destructible enviroments (e.g. walls, consoles etc.)
-"dynamic" territories of the empire vs federation, let us have some influence on the map! (bij doing pvp/pve etc).
-combined ground and space pvp/pve. its like the Cutting the Cord mission(make the ground and space parts happen at the same time in realtime), so (again; for example)half the people play on the ground and half in space; when you are losing on the ground but winning in space you could call in help (e.g. air strikes, random beamdowns of turrets, security npcs, or even as simple as an area overview(enemy locations are know for X seconds)). This could also work the other way around(ground-to-space weapons, reinforcement fighters, or *GASP* DS9 warps on the map*(with active turrets, forces, repairs)!!)

hope this helps a bit.
ps i know my english sucks, im not native.
*ps2 and when DS9(or some equivalent klingon space station) warps ion the map you have to board it to operate/defend or attack/disable it. Make you could make some nice minigames here! e.g. make me use a slow but very strong cannon in first person mode; then i would be able to shoot enemy ships! ill stop now its getting an inception of my own suggestions lol.