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11-22-2011, 03:26 PM
CBS changes cannon every time they've launched a new series. Enterprise didn't keep cannon with NextGen/DS9/Voyager which didn't keep cannon with TOS..

Considering CBS isn't likely to do anything else in this time line anytime in the rest of this decade its really kind of a non-issue. And then thiers the JJ Abrams trek reboot which is the real trek cannon if there is such a thing. And the JJ universe pulls from Enterprise more then anyplace else...NextGen, DS9, and Voyager are now an alternate time line/reality pretty much officially. And TOS with the JJ abrams reboot is entirely rewritten with Kirk taking command of the Enterprise years earlier then he did in TOS.

Cannon? PFFFT! on Cannon.. It doesn't exist, and never really has.

No wonder Dalmer from the Deparment of Temporal Investigation eventually flipped out...

There is such a thing as knowing to much!