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11-22-2011, 03:40 PM
To answer the OPs question:
You CAN play it till VA but its very anoying.
It is a "possible" option until Commader 1 AT MOST.... and still very anoying compared to other ships especially if you want to get "finaly thorugh the missions"....
Really efficient... it is just at the starter levels.

Originally Posted by RockMax View Post
There have been so many arguments about people wanting T5 ships of lower design. But I am one for a T5 NX, others want T5 Connie, T5 Akira, T5 Excelsior, T5 Nova etc.

I think CBS should allow all ships to be able to be T5. If it were up to the player to take a ship and work towards building it up to make it a higher tier, I think everyone would be willing to do it.

But CBS wants to keep it "canon" even though we are waaaaaay passed that.
For many of those ships it makes sense... Akira and Nova for example are far more modern then the Excelsior class no point in keeping them low. Hell they are (technicly) even newer then the Galaxy class.

For other ships... it makes less sense.
There is already a lot of suspense of disbelieve necessary to see a Defaint beating a Souvereign to be "in line with canon"...
But the 300 years old NX class?
On the other hand that goes only for pvp... in pve... we easyly defeat Negh'va class vessels with NXs... shouldnt be close to possible either.

Also: CBS did just restrict that in case of the Constitution (although the nx class makes obviously even less sense).
In case of Akira and Nova and anything else... Cryptic failed.

And dont get me wrong: I'd love to use my NX in end game pve.... or a "fully" Constitution with uniforms and interior... would be awsome.

Originally Posted by Khemaraa_Iron_Hand_KBF View Post
Cannon? PFFFT! on Cannon.. It doesn't exist, and never really has.
Acutally it exists, my bird of prey is fully equiped with cannons.
So just like Canon, cannon exist^^