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11-22-2011, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by Khemaraa_Iron_Hand_KBF View Post
And the JJ universe pulls from Enterprise more then anyplace else...NextGen, DS9, and Voyager are now an alternate time line/reality pretty much officially. And TOS with the JJ abrams reboot is entirely rewritten with Kirk taking command of the Enterprise years earlier then he did in TOS.
Actually, the Abrams 2009 movie didn't take much, if anything from ENT. It was based on TOS more than anything. However, TNG/DS9/VOY are all very much primary timeline, it's been stated before that the Abrams timeline is an alternate timeline. Much like the Mirror Universe is similar, but not exact to the Prime Universe. In fact, on that line, every moment of your own actual life spawns an infinite number of alternate realities spanning every possible decision that you make. A perfect example of that was the old TV series "Sliders", where Quinn and his fellow lost travelers jumped to world after world, each slightly different from their "prime" universe.