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11-22-2011, 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by captainchaos66 View Post
you do know that there are 10 rows of space GUI button available. Although only 3 can be shown at a time. This may slow down ability activating time a bit, however it is there.
Also recently there were some changes to the space GUI. A 4th option was added so you can show Icons of the BO's assigned to your stations, as well as 3 additional slots. THis may help solve the not enough GUI problem.

Just my thoughts.
Yes, well aware of it... tends to cause problems when I click the wrong spot during heavy combat. I already use the new display mode that shows BO's with their abilities in addition to the 3x10 main GUI, but it requires a lot more mouse cursor travel, which translates into delayed BO ability activations.

Cryptic, please address this GUI design flaw before F2P goes live. Thanks!