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11-22-2011, 04:16 PM
Right now for my Engineer's Galaxy dreadnought refit, I'm running the following equipment:

Fore Arc: 3x Phaser Array Mk XI [Acc] [Dmg]x2, Quantum Torpedo Mk XI [Acc] [Dmg]x2
Aft Arc: 2x Phaser Array Mk XI [Acc] [Dmg]x2, Quantum Torpedo Mk XI [Acc] [Dmg]x2, Tricobalt Torpedo Mk XI [Dmg]x2

Assimilated Graviton Deflector Array
Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines
Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array

Engineering Consoles:
- EPS Flow Regulator Mk X (Very Rare)
- RCS Accelerator Mk XI
- 2x Neutronium Alloy Mk XI

Science Consoles:
- Assimilated Module
- Biofunction Monitor Mk XI

Tactical Consoles:
- 2x Phaser Relay Mk XI

For bridge officers, here's my layout as well.
- Commander Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields I, Engineering Team II, Auxilliary to the SIF II, Aceton Field III
- Lt. Commander Engineering: Engineering Team I, Emergency Power to Shields II, Reverse Shield Polarity II
- Lieutenant Science: Science Team I, Hazard Emitters II
- Lieutenant Tactical: Torpedo High Yield I, Attack Pattern Beta I
- Ensign Tactical: Tactical Team I

And finally, my Power Display setup:
Weapons: 65
Shields: 55
Engines: 55
Auxilliary: 25

Mind you the power display does NOT include in it the various bonuses from my consoles/equipment/etc. It's focus is maximum survival against Borg in STFs/Red Alerts, specifically against Tactical Cubes or Command vessels (Unimatrix X of 10). I typically save my Torpedo: High Yield for use with the Tricobalt torpedo so when it hits, whatever it does notices. Attack Pattern Beta is used every time it comes off cooldown to help maximize damage output, and is particularly fun when using the Phaser Spinal Lance against an unshielded target, or even one that still has shields. Tactical Team is always in use for me, unless for some reason between the Borg set's hull regen bonus (Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer) and Aux to SIF II isn't keeping up with incoming damage. Reverse Shield Polarity comes in handy when those pesky Borg hit you with a shield neutralizer and your Hazard Emitters is down for the 8 seconds that the skill's active.

In all, not quite a tank, but built more around that which a dreadnought was in the World Wars. Carries a heavy punch, and can take a hell of a beating before sinking.

Also note: When the changes to the Gal-X go live on Holodeck, if I decide to keep the cloaking device, it'll replace the Biofunction Monitor science console, and a third Phaser Relay will take the added tactical console slot.