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11-22-2011, 05:53 PM
Please just pick any one of these immersion items and tell us that it will be bumped up to F2P Live priority along with it's more 'game play' related brethren:
Here are 19 things that are big issues to me and it is stuff like this that makes it so frustrating when other things that seem so pointless (to me) are getting done.

Current Issues:

1) The Bridge Officer Duplicate bug,

2) The ESD signs,

3) The log out/change toon screen,

4) The lamp blocking access to the Fleet creation vendor.

5) The white flashing ‘interact’ signal for console was a HOME RUN WIN. Why was it all creeped up with gears? They are fine/great in mission maps. They are not needed at all in social maps. Especially the one on the ‘ *ail ‘ sign (hint: ‘*’ does not=’F’) on First City by the Tailor. The First City signs ROCK all get out. They are full of win. A BIG THANK YOU to anyone that had anything to do with adding them. Please give these people (and their work) the respect it deserves by removing the gears that are messing them up. At least let us toggle them on/off in the settings.

6) The angry mob in Norfair. (if you don’t know what this is go to the upper connecting passage of tribble ESD.

7) Toggle the bouncing head icons on/off. (I want to give a shout out here to the guy who thought to put the type of currency in the icon. I really like all of these icons. Someone did do an outstanding job on these ones. I think they will be a big help to new players and a win for F2P. (That is to say I want F2P to be a success and I think these will help. Now that I know where everyone is, I just don’t need them cluttering up my screen anymore and the bouncing is very distracting. Maybe eventually the tab to the check boxes to toggle all of these types of helps could be incorporated into one of the last bits of the tutorial. Explain that they are holograms and can be turned on and off for your captains perception if desired. Kind of like Al on QL was a hologram that ‘only Sam could see and hear’. Since ST holo tech looks solid, they could remain looking like ‘game UI’ the way the new vendor ones do. EMH wore a holo band on his sleeve to make himself visable. Why don’t vendors where ones on their sleeves to make head signs visible and a captains combadge control the ‘signals’ that turn SF holo visual nav support on/off? )

8) Toggle the pop-up help/info box that pops up near vendors and such on/off or at least let me use my main interact key to cancel them with one stroke and without having to move the mouse.

9) Make it a default (or option) in social zones that when you hit enter to send a message, the cursor auto returns into the chat box ready for the next message so that I don’t accidentally pull a weapon on someone or start jumping/running all over the screen and stuff.

10) The guy that gives the ‘explore the universe’ mission in Club 47( I guess that’s who he is). He talks a lot about sports. He is taking up a whole table at the club that can no longer be used by players unless they want him standing over their drinks. The Security is okay I guess, but why doesn’t ‘sports fan’ move more to the back of the house off to the side or at the bar somewhere? If people need to interact with him, it would give them more reason to explore the back of house area.

11) The embedded 'delete' and 'spend money' buttons inside character select buttons.

12) Why were the Stateroom stairs removed? I guess it doesn't hurt anything. But now there is a big empty space there that is more awkward than the stairs were. I really don't know what the motivation behind this one was. What was wrong with the stairs?

13) The working areas of ESD have dim, romantic 'mood lighting' and the night club/lounge has bright 'working lights'. It was better before for this reason. Another change that could simply be ‘undone’ as a quick fix.

Future issues:
1) The need to preserve the original Nimoy intro if it is going to be replaced/updated.

2) The ability to sit in chairs.

3) Assigning BO department heads to specific consoles on ship. (Med and Eng in their respective rooms, and the other four at appropriate consoles on the bridge. i.e. let me choose who is at the right hand side nav con, Sci workstation, etc.

4) Ability to set a standard uniform for my 'random' generated crew NPCs,

5) Loading screens that match their location (turbo lift interior walls when transferring interior maps, etc. That new wallpaper on the logout/in screen would be BEAUTIFUL (minus the logo of course) when transferring maps into ESD.

6) Adding a door on the upper level of stateroom (like on the platform that the stairs used to lead to) that lets you transfer to another map with a private stateroom called 'fleet room' for gatherings without all the NPCs chatting over your event.

Thank you and keep up the good work.