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11-22-2011, 07:27 PM
Originally Posted by SHARKFORCE View Post one mentions Feds spawn camping the KDF spawn....
The Feds pretty much have to spawn camp in Ker'rat. If you have mercy on the Klinks they will thank you by trying to gank you while your back is turned.
Remember that to some Klingons thanks=ganks.
They're not all like that though. Some will actually decloak about 15 klicks out as a challenge.

Top Klink dirty tricks in Ker'rat...

1) Klink challenges you to a one on one and just before you blow him up his buddy (who has been sitting there all along) decloaks.
2) Klink flies around smack talking until a Fed takes up the challenge and then his two buddies decloak .
3) Klink waits until he see the flashing green circles around your ship and decloaks.

It's cowardly but it's hard to hate them for using the only advantage they have.