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11-22-2011, 09:14 PM
Originally Posted by HamRadio18
In my experiance, you are going to want EPtS 1 & 2, Polarized Hull 1, and Hazard Emmiters 2.
Hazard Emmiters 2 is your hull heal, and gies you hull resistance. If you use the full borg set, EPtS will keep your shields up pretty much all the time. The reason for Polarized Hull instead of TSS because tractor beams can kill you because they will keep you from moing, and it gives an excellent hull resistance. However, if you have 2 copies of APO, you may not need PH.
With two ApOs I've found that the need for PH is greatly reduced. I have noticed a difference in Burst DPS however. If I do get held during multiple TB, TT and TSS usually give me the time needed to wait it out, or pop EM. I have actually been pondering if it is possible to run a build that is totally immune to holds through the application of AuxID, APO, and PH. The fleet escort may be better for that due to the extra engineering though.

Most of the time I'm usually taken down through focus fire or a crit from BO. As such I tend to use TSS for the resist and supplemental shield heal. Oddly I am starting to like Resilient shields due to the bleed through reduction.