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11-22-2011, 10:18 PM

What makes a carrier a carrier, in space?

Well nothing special.

1.) you need a way to launch your ships without loosing atmosphere - covered that with force fields.
2.) The Facilities to repair and do maintenance - thanks to replicators and transporter buffering, we got that shiite covered too.
3.) Storage space for the things you want to launch. - err... hammer space. yeah.... I mean they stuffed impossibly large quantities of stuff intoo the delta flyer so....

So basically your carrier could be a BOX with life support, a huge hatch secured by forcefields and a decent replicator system.

Said box could be towed or tucked onto hulls for transport, then ditched at a safe location to start launch operations.....

So, the Vo'quv, massive vessel that she is would not actually have to spend that much internal volume on actual flight operations. Unlike a wet navy carrier, space carriers have less trouble with Lady Gravity pulling down everything. No complex systems that dictate construction are needed to bring birds into the fight and retrieve them.
And as such the ship can be build sturdy as heck, because the wet water navy carrier design rules simply do not apply to a spaceborn carrier.

In fact, as far as Star Trek is concerned: EVERY ship with a shuttle hangar can also serve as carrier for fighters.... Remember the Galaxy's main shuttle bay in the saucer section? That thing could hold at least 20 peregrines... and even more scorpions because those things are space go karts.