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11-23-2011, 03:02 AM
Originally Posted by Xablis
Until the tribble build moves to holodeck, fed and kdf are not the same, feds can do everything at like lt5 except for the breen which is lt 10 if i recall correctly, but for kdf breen is now lt com and reman is commander 1 I believe for the vault, and each one after is another lvl higher.

In addition to Cloaked Intentions starting at 31 all subsequent missions in the series appear to need the next level to unlock them.

So The Vault at 31, Mine Enemy at 32 etc etc (this is my observation as I never got offered Mine Enemy until I hit 32 and I've yet to be offered the 3rd one but I'm not quite 33 yet

The disparity between when the Feds get to access the feature missions (and when the Klingons used to) and the fact that neither of the other series requires you to level between missions is really stupid IMO.

As an aside I got the Breen and Devidian series at the same time so they are either both level 10 or 11

Yep Frozen unlocked at 33 and the arena mission at 34, not been offered the last mission yet but not 35 yet either so it would appear my theory was sound :-(

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Finished the series last night, Cutting the cord does indeed require level 35