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11-23-2011, 03:19 AM
I Couldnt agree more with my fellow captains, star trek is not about mission to mission grinding. the episode idea is ok. but its an mmo in (SPACE) open it up let us be free, take the game off the tracks. do something that hasnt been done put the universe before us and all its endless possibillities. allow us to make treaties with new races and really exorcise our diplomatic brain or get in trouble on a new planet and have to call starfleet for help.. ive been dreaming of the open possibillities of space my whole life and the first mmo to offer me the chance to go makes me feel like im more on a traid ride than the vast freedom of space.. im sick of shooting and killing, ive slaughterd a billion foes across my mmo career, i wanna make peace with a few races now and be given the oppurtunity to talk my way out of a bad situation.

Short term goal: fix the boff clones. and station make better use of the interior of the ship. the things that seperates sto from the other space games, is the ships, and the abillities to interact within them meaningfully which sadly enough sto lacks.

mid term: put usefull stations inside your ship. i mean cmon a lounge with no bartender ??? crazy.,. a sick bay you cant get healed in ? and an engineering lab you cannot create new items and fabrications in ??? certainly you see the vast potential for these areas to be improved more than just ramping up a thing or two for the kiddies.

Long term: real missions inside the ship itself get to know your own officers, more lighthearted fun, the movie was great dont get me wrong but i could care less about constant blood pounding action, hell let me take a real vaca on risa. and where the hell is captain picards memorial statue so i can walk by and pay homage! ive spent time in many many mmo's and you would be suprised how many people want a peacefull option.