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11-23-2011, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by Commander_Prescott
I just wanted to mention that to me at least, it seems as though the Breen Cryo Grenades that get thrown at you by the A.I. seem a little too powerful. At least for normal difficulty. One grenade wiped out my whole away team After I was done cracking up, I though to myself, that sure was a powerful grenade. I do not know if the ones you get as a reward are as powerful, if they are, its time to freeze some borg!!
The reward grenades are pretty weak but they do have a nice slow effect so can be useful. They also have a Cold DR debuff IIRC so go well with the CRM200 but it's not enough that I'd drop my compression pistol for them.
The NPC grenades are brutal on higher difficulties but they aren't too much of an issue if you keep moving. A Medic BOff with Vascular Regenerator is a life saver though as the movement debuff from the Cold damage is by far the most dangerous component of the damage but is cleared by VR. The Cryonic mortars the Hren mortars drop though are horrible; they have a powerful DoT that seems to stack and an even more powerful movement debuff that isn't cleared by VR and are also a nightmare to avoid (the game doesn't always render the blue targeting reticle on the ground is there's a lot of action on screen).
I wouldn't want them changed though as they're my favourite NPCs to fight, they're tough but don't rely on one shots and annoying skills to mimic challenge (yes Dahar Master, I'm looking at you and you're 1500HP Lunge hits for the annoying one shots).