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# 16 Will I get my RD back?
11-23-2011, 03:26 PM
Crafting tweaks:
Went back to 2 kinds of unreplicateable matter
Common -- 10 dilithium
Uncommon -- 1000 dilithium
This makes it easier to track what you need to build stuff.
I bought up some Rare URM's before this patch, will I get a refund?

Also why the price change on Uncommon? 100RD was a decent price.

Have you considered calling them Pergium? You know to avoid the "Common Unreplicatable Materials" acronym jokes ? It would make it more trek too! Call it Nitrium for Common and Pergium for Uncommon, and if we ever get Rare call it Gallicite, and Very Rare can be Benamite.


Common UM = Nitrium

Uncommon UM = Pergium

Rare UM = Gallicite

Very Rare UM = Benamite

Or just roll with Pergium lol