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11-23-2011, 04:28 PM
Personally, if anything Pixie, I'd go with the Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array over the Aegis Covariant, which while it doesn't have as much capacity, it has a sickeningly fast regeneration rate. If you want shielding bonuses to go with it, replace the Assimilated Graviton Deflector Array with the Aegis model as it has a +5 shield power bonus. Now, I do PvE more than I do PvP so the massive capacity for shields is a moot point, especially in the face of the Borg shield neutralizer. I do however have some points that puzzle me.

· Why double up on Emergency Power to Weapons I and Emergency Power to Shields III? The latter I can understand because it's nice to juggle them every 15 seconds, but the first one seems like a waste when there's other tier 1 engineering BO abilities you could use.

· Why Scramble Sensors? There's a huge selection of Tier 2 abilities that are far better to utilize IMO, like Polarize Hull II for tractor beam immunity.

· DEM3, I've found that any rank of DEM is rather… lackluster in terms of shield penetration in use. You'd honestly get better mileage out of Aceton Field III which not only places a radiation DOT on the target, but for its 30 seconds of duration causes the target to deal 50% less energy weapon damage. Useful for anything you can't destroy in your opening volley, or for Tactical Cubes / V'Ger.

· I have thought about putting a level of Beam Overload into my setup, but since the Spinal Phaser Lance already has a significantly greater effect (albeit long cooldown), I find my mileage with Attack Pattern Beta works out better since it's 1) not sapping all my weapon power for a singular shot and 2) the rank 9 cooldown makes it easily spammable on a target, allowing you to do significant damage from your arrays and torpedoes. Plus, it has a separate cooldown from Attack Pattern Alpha allowing you to use them in conjunction with each other for some really amazing results.