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11-24-2011, 04:38 AM
Overall I'd say thats a fairly solid build.

Originally Posted by ThePixie86 View Post
Engineering Consoles:
- EPS Flow Regulator Mk XI (Rare) +105% Transfer Rate
- RCS Accelerator Mk XI (Rare) +35% Turn Rate
- Field Generator Mk XI (Rare) +35% Shield Capacity
- Ablative Hull Armor Mk XI (Rare) +26 Damage Resistance

Science Consoles:
- Assimilated Module (Universal Console)
- Biofunction Monitor Mk XI (Uncommon) +32% Recovery Rate
However theres three things I'd suggest on on top of what Destraa mentioned:
  1. Get rid of the Biofunction Monitor, it's useless for pretty much any ship. Instead use a Halon System to boost your Hazard Emitters.
  2. RCS Accelerator is hardly worth having on a ship with such a low base turn rate. Its effect will be very marginal at best. You'd be better off with a different console here, such as a +7 shield power console or additional armour.
  3. Ablative armour provides great resistance, but is quite specialist. Perhaps look at Neutronium armour since it covers all damage types, meaning the ship will have better all round resistance. You lose a little resistance in pha/dis/pla/tet, but you'll gain a good chunk of resistance against pol/ap and kinetic.