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11-24-2011, 01:39 PM
suggestions to add:

-fractal remodulator:

this should be a CAPTAIN-only remodulator and should feel as such (well not that u can equip it on ur captain, but instead make it somewhat too expensive to be worth grinding it for all boffs)

100 of each crafting item

2.5 sec remodulation

subfractal remo:

4 second remodulation (i believe the normal is 5,6 or so seconds?)
the boff version in short.


borg procs for all the rewards (hard rewards included) - IT'S A BORG EVENT AND ALL U GET IS CRAP THAT YOU CAN BUY ON EXCHANGE FOR 5K EC / PIECE.

the next remodulator should be added aswell, make it the SUPER reward

The Subspace Continous Remodulation Device <Engage tech babble>
automatically resets the borg adaption to 0 progress every 15 seconds/remodulates immediately after u exit combat
150 of each item

this wouldn't be a remodulator per se, it would simply remodulate so you don't have to after a fight (would work separately from the remodulator, ofc)

a few other ideas:

borg consumables o.o?

how about a heavy spread bolter gun that would do normal damage to borg and very low dmg to all other npcs (so it wouldnt be OP) and would do kinetic damage - basically a chaingun, specifically made for Borg?

shoots nanites or something, damnit i'm a player, not a scriptwright


fire ALL the goo

goo gun is something i miss about trek, it just doesnt feel complete without one