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11-24-2011, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by KBFLordKrueg View Post
Happy Thankgiving...
Let us celebrate the beginning of the End for the Native American who lived in harmony with the land for thousands of years....
Within a few years of welcoming the white man and showing him their ways of living off the land which saved their lives, the so called men of God were robbing Indian graves for the beaded trinkets buried with them.
We all know how that worked out in the long run for the naitves a few hundred years later, huh...?
Yeah...let's all give thanks for the eradication of mutiple civilzations and cultures so the great country of America could be built on the backs of imported black slaves and over the bodies of the decimated natives.

What an empty holiday...I used to celebrate it...until I became a History major and learned the truth.
No one tought you that in elementary and middle school...?

Not like everyone was holding hands before 1492 you know. And to be honest disease is what killed a nice amount, yes it is sad, but it's not like tribes were not at war already. I'm just happy neither side of my family were in the US until a few generations ago.