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11-25-2011, 06:15 AM
Depends on how much PvP you plan on doing. Most people suggest 2 copies of tac team 1. You might want more healing with hazard emitters 2 and polarize hull 1, but that's just knitpicking. Dual tac teams though are pretty standard, so attack pattern beta may not work well in PvP as it is countered by tac team, if it don't seem usefull enough maybe trade beta for scatter volley 2, high yield 3, or spread 3.

Plasma are fine with the new skill tree all types will cost same, however, Borg shields give owners a 15% Plasma resistance.

My personal tastes dislike multiple emergency power to shields. I would use aux to strutural 1 and EPS1, but most would disagree with me.

If you are really into PvP, repost this question in the PvP section.

Welcome back.